Located in the centre of New Zealand capital city, Victoria University of Wellington is a public university and over 100 years old. Victoria is a comprehensive university with a strong research focus; this is complimented by the large number of research institutions in Wellington as well as the Universities close proximity to the country archives and national collection libraries.

Victoria combines the benefits of a long and distinguished tradition with innovation, and a strong sense of commitment to serving the needs of its students. Qualifications awarded by Victoria University of Wellington are internationally recognised and transferable.

Victoria prides itself as a university with a significant international focus and a strong domestic base. Victoria has extensive collaborative and student exchange links with renowned universities throughout the Pacific, Asia, North and South America and Europe.

Located in Wellington, the geographic, political and cultural centre of New Zealand, Victoria is at the heart of an outstanding academic and political community that shares a global perspective.Victoria has nine faculties that offer internationally-recognised degrees in a wide variety of subject areas spread over three different campuses. The University has 22,000 students, including 3,400 international students from more than 114 countries.