The capital city of Wellington is one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand. It has a stunning harbour setting with a natural reserve in the hills surrounding the compact city centre. Wellington is multicultural and well connected, full of bright, open-minded people and is home to embassies and consulates from around the world.

The city is dynamic and creative, hosting festivals for food, art, literature and theatre all year round with spectacular performances, parades, delicious food and street stalls and one of the biggest annual film festivals in the world.

Wellington is one of the safest cities in the world. Its urban design favours people and community over cars and traffic, with popular centres where people can walk, rest or gather for events in a traffic-free, colourful space. It has excellent public transport, but many students find that they do not need to use it because they can simply walk anywhere they need to be.


There are many accommodation options for you when you transfer to Wellington as a Victoria student. Victoria’s Accommodation Service has various Halls of Residence available, some provide meals while others are self-catered. These are listed in the Accommodation Guide, available from the programme office at HCMC, and on the Accommodation Service website.

While prices vary, we recommend that you budget at least NZ$390 a week for accommodation including food and other expenses. Please note there is a non-refundable application fee of NZ$75 for first time applicants to a Hall of Residence.

The Accommodation Service also assists students to find other accommodation such as private board, furnished rooms, vacant flats or a place in an established flat. They operate an online vacancy service advertising current listings and this is updated daily on the Accommodation Service website. Private housing is not checked or approved by Victoria University.

Homestays can also be arranged for international students at Victoria. Please contact the
Accommodation Service for more information.

Accommodation Service


New Zealand is a country of extraordinary natural beauty and rich urban space. It has reached the peak of world achievement in sport, science, politics and the arts. Diversity of thinking, enterprise and quality of life are highly valued in New Zealand, and these values underpin the experience of living here.

With a population of just four million in a country almost the same size as Vietnam, New Zealand provides plenty of room to breathe. It is one of the world’s safest places in which to live.

The cost of living in New Zealand is lower than in many European and American cities. A welldeveloped economy provides the advantage of a range of options for accommodation, transport, food and entertainment.

Being a student at Victoria is about more than just studying. It’s about getting involved, making friends and embracing new experiences.

Hear how our students are getting involved and being inspired to succeed at Victoria.

Clubs and activities

Whatever you’re in to, Victoria has a range of clubs for you. And they’re a great way to meet people. Join one of more than 140 sporting, cultural, religious, performing arts and political clubs and societies.

For first-year students who aren’t living in a hall, sign up for student-run WGTN Halland get involved in social, cultural and sporting activities.

Staying fit and healthy

Sign up for a fitness membership to get access to weights, cardio equipment and our popular group exercise classes.

There are also several sports’ options available, from social leagues to national territory sport competitions.

Learn to lead

Victoria offers leadership opportunities that help others as well as helping you to develop new skills and learn more about yourself.

The Victoria Plus Programme involves volunteering, helping the Victoria community and actively leading clubs or societies.

If you’re interested in other countries and cultures, the Victoria International Leadership Programme provides opportunities to enhance your global awareness while developing valuable leadership skills.

Study overseas

Go travelling and complete part of your degree overseas through Victoria Abroad, our student exchange programme. There are more than 100 leading international universities to choose from, and a grant is provided to help finance your trip.

Victoria is a welcoming community and offers a range of support to make sure that your time here is happy and successful.

With you every step of the way

Our Campus Coaches programme is here to help you navigate your first two weeks at Victoria. You’ll get great tips from senior students for study and student life.

We want you to succeed at Victoria and get prepared for an exciting future. If you need some advice or run into a problem—academic, financial, social, personal—there is always someone who can help.

Find out more about the range of services to support students.

Study support and mentoring

Student Learning

To help you develop the maths, study and writing skills essential for university study, Student Learning provides workshops, one-to-one appointments and help desk sessions.

Community culture

Discover our supportive communities for Māori, Pasifika, queer, international and refugee-background students.

Support for international students


ExcelL is a practical cross-cultural skills programme designed to help international students adjust to a new culture and to fully participate in life on campus and in the community.

International Buddy programme

International students can sign up to the International Buddy Programme. Your buddy will help you find out about Victoria, provide advice about local customs and living in Wellington, and take you to special events to meet other buddies and international students.

A major usually takes up less than half of the degree, so you may choose to do a double major and focus on two different subjects. This doesn’t increase the workload or make the degree take longer—you still complete 360 points worth of courses.

Choosing two majors in your first-year is a good way to keep your study options open and flexible. You can continue with your double major in second-year, or you can change and focus on just one subject with the other as a minor.

A minor is an optional part of a degree, made up of a collection of courses in a particular subject. The workload for a minor is lighter than for a major—fewer courses to do, fewer points required. This makes a minor a good way to build a second or third area of focus or concentration into your degree.

All majors can be also be taken as a minor. You might also be able to study majors from other Victoria undergraduate degrees as a minor—for example, a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Management, and a minor in Psychology.

Some subjects are not available as majors, but you can take them as a minor. Other subjects have special requirements and course options as minors.

Maximise your employablility

Make the most of your studies—explore career opportunities, join a club, leadership programme, or look at studying overseas.

Careers and Employment

We lead in the development and delivery of the highest quality career education, guidance and information to students and alumni, and foster collaborative relationships with local, national and international employers and communities.


Victoria CareerHub is an online system that provides you with all you need to know about job seeking, career planning and graduate recruitment. You can access CareerHub 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For access to part-time jobs, graduate jobs, summer work, tutoring positions, internships, work experience opportunities and a CV-building tool.

You no longer need to register for CareerHub, simply log in with your student computing username and password.

Student Job Search

Lists thousands of jobs each year, just for tertiary students—from one-off jobs to permanent part-time, there is sure to be something for you:

Get involved

Maximise your studies—get involved in extracurricular activities. They’re are a great way to boost your CV, broaden your mind, make friends and have fun.

International Student Support

If you’re an international student, Victoria International is here to help. We aim to support you at Victoria from orientation and enrolment through to graduation.

Find out about staying safe, making insurance claims and where to go for help with your studies, or with adjusting to life in New Zealand.

Health and wellbeing

A new life in a different culture can be the opportunity of a lifetime—but along with the excitement may come stress, loneliness or anxiety.

Studying and living in a foreign country can be stressful to start with. It can take time to adjust and settle in—it’s different for everyone, but in your first weeks in New Zealand you might feel: homesick, emotional or depressed, tired or angry, lonely, confused.

The good news is that these feelings do eventually go away—but there are people you can ask for help in the meantime.

Victoria International works closely with other university student support services—so you can also come and see us if you have any health, emotional or financial concerns and don’t know where to go for help.

Safety and security

Wellington is a safe place to live, and Victoria has safe campuses—but you still need to take precautions. If you feel unsafe doing something, don’t do it.

Academic help and mentoring

Sign up for free courses to help you improve your study, public speaking or conversational English skills, or get support if you fall behind.

The Code of Practice for international students

We follow the Education (Pastoral Care for International Students) Code of Practice 2016 published by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).


There are different ways for returning international students to re-enrol—it depends on the type of study you’ve been doing, and what you’re enrolling for.

Renewing your visa

You need to make sure your visa is valid for the whole time you’re studying in New Zealand.

Renew or extend your insurance

If you’re studying in New Zealand for more than a year, you need to renew your Studentsafe–University cover. You can suspend or cancel it in some circumstances.

Post study work visa

International students who have graduated with a New Zealand qualification can apply for the post-study work visa.